Feet running on a treadmill.

Athletes’ rights in sport; Canadian sport history; History and politics of sport and the Olympics; Human rights in sports 

Professor Bruce Kidd (principal@utsc.utoronto.ca 416-978-7943)


High risk sports; Social issues related to sports; Sport, policy and politics 

Professor Peter Donnelly (peter.donnelly@utoronto.ca Office: 416-946-5071; Mobile: 905-617-6020; Home: 905-632-9264)


Exercise and aging; Exercise and heart function, heart disease; Exercise physiology; Prolonged exercise and heart function; Cardiac consequences of endurance exercise; Cardiovascular limits to exercise performance

Professor Jack Goodman ( jack.goodman@utoronto.ca Office: 416-978-6095 Mobile: 705-767-3381)

Extreme environments, supplements and high performance sport

Dean Ira Jacobs (dean.KPE@utoronto.ca 416.978.5909) ON LEAVE

Abuse and harassment in sport; Psychological aspects of athletic injury; Psychological aspects of sports, exercise and stress; Psychological stress (athletes, coaches and parents of athletes); Psychological stress in athletes; Retirement transitions of elite athletes 

Professor Gretchen Kerr (gretchen.kerr@utoronto.ca 416-978-6190)


Physiology, biochemistry, some doping issues; Muscle physiology

Professor Marius Locke  (marius.locke@utoronto.ca 416-978-7055)

Gender, race, health and active living; Health communication; Olympic media studies 

Professor Margaret MacNeill (margaret.macneill@utoronto.ca 416-978-0598)

High performance sport & nutrition

Professor Dan Moore(dr.moore@utoronto.ca 416.946.4088)

Cardiovascular health; Exercise, aging, health and performance 

Professor Scott Thomas (scott.thomas@utoronto.ca 416-978-6957)

Exercise physiology; Human performance in extreme conditions 

Professor Greg Wells (greg.wells@utoronto.ca Office: 416-978-3244; Mobile: 416-710-4618)

Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport
Anita Comella, assistant dean, co-curricular physical activity & sport (anita.comella@utoronto.ca 416.978.4678

Sitting at work and behaviour change 
Professor Guy Faulkner (guy.faulkner@utoronto.ca 416.946.7949)

Concussions in children
Dr. Michael Hutchison (michael.hutchison@utoronto.ca  41.946.4050)

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Aging and exercise

Professor Catherine Amara (cathy.amara@utoronto.ca 416.978.7329)
Professor Scott Thomas (scott.thomas@utoronto.ca 416.978.6957)

Biomechanics, ergonomics, musculoskeletal injury
Professor Tyson Beach(tyson.beach@utoronto.ca 416-978-2547)

Ethics and child protection: Professor Gretchen Kerr (gretchen.kerr@utoronto.ca  416.978.6190)
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Cognitive disorders and movement
Professor Tim Welsh (t.welsh@utoronto.ca 416.946.3303)

Concussion in sport
Adjunct Professor Paul Comper (paul.comper@utoronto.ca)
Professor Doug Richards (doug.richards@utoronto.ca 416.978.7377)
Professor Lynda Mainwaring (lynda.mainwaring@utoronto.ca 416.946.5134)

Gender and sexuality in sport
Professor Carolyn Fusco (c.fusco@utoronto.ca 416.946.7717)

High intensity, extreme physical activity, extreme environments and impacts on the body

Professor Jack Goodman (jack.goodman@utoronto.ca 416.978.6095) 
Dean Ira Jacobs (dean.KPE@utoronto.ca 416.978.5909) ON LEAVE

Professor Greg Wells (greg.wells@utoronto.ca 416-978-3244)

Human rights and sport

Professor Mike Atkinson (michael.atkinson@utoronto.ca 416.978.7205)
Professor Bruce Kidd (bruce.kidd@utoronto.ca 416.978.7943) 

Intercollegiate athletics (Ontario University Athletics, Canadian Interuniversity Sport)

Beth Ali, director of high performance and intercollegiate sport (416.978.7379)

Media literacy in health and sport

Professor Marg MacNeill (margaret.macneill@utoronto.ca 416.978.0598)
Michelle Brownrigg, director of physical activity and equity (416.978.5514)

Motor skills and perception

Professor Luc Tremblay (luc.tremblay@utoronto.ca 416.946.0200)

Nutritional supplements, drugs and exercise performance

Dean Ira Jacobs (dean.KPE@utoronto.ca 416.978.5909) ON LEAVE

Sports injuries

Professor Doug Richards (doug.richards@utoronto.ca 416.978.7377)

Youth physical activity and health 

Michelle Brownrigg, director of physical activity and equity ( 416.978.5514)
Professor Guy Faulkner (guy.faulkner@utoronto.ca 416.946.7949)
Adrian Roberts, athletic instructor, track and field ( 416.946.7293)




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