Doug Richards

Assistant Professor
Medical Director, David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic
Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
100 Devonshire Place, Room 456
Toronto, ON M5S 2C9

Concussion Program
MSK Biomechanics & Injury Prevention Laboratory


MD, University of Toronto, 1979

Diploma in Sport Medicine, Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine, 1989



Concussions in Sport

Clinical Sport Medicine

Biomechanics of Injury

Injury Prevention

Health and Lifestyle



Recent Publications

Hutchison, M., Comper, P, Mainwaring, L, Richards, D. (2011) The influence of musculoskeletal injury on cognition. Implications for concussion research. Am J Sports Med 39(11):2331-2337.

Mainwaring, L., Hutchison, M., Comper, P., & Richards, D. (2012). Examining the emotional sequel of sport concussion. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology 6:247-274.

Comper, P., Hutchison, M., Richards, D., & Mainwaring, L. (2012) A model of current best-practice for managing concussion in University Athletes: The University of Toronto approach. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology 6:231-246.

Hutchison, M., Comper, P., Mainwaring, L., & Richards, D. (2012) Normative data in a sample of Canadian Univerisity Athletes using ANAM tests. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology 6:336-350.

Mainwaring, L., Comper, P., Hutchison, M., & Richards, D. (2012). Sport as laboratory: Lessons learned from baseline and postconcussion assessment research. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology 6:309-335.

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