Ira Jacobs


Professor & Dean

Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
55 Harbord St., Rm # 2080
Toronto, ON M5S 2W6



DrMedSc (clinical physiology), Karolinska Institute, Sweden, 1981

MHK (exercise physiology), University of Windsor, 1978

Dip Phys Ed (physical education), Wingate Institute, Israel, 1976



Exercise physiology

Human skeletal muscle metabolism

Physiological adaptations to acute short-term, high intensity exercise

Nutritional and/or pharmacological interventions affecting exercise  performance

Exercise pharmacology

Physiological responses and adaptations to environmental extremes


Recent Publications

Jacobs, I., Ruderman, E., & McLaughlin, M. (2015) A primer on exercise pharmacology. Kinesiology Review 4(1):113-117.

Grosman-Rimon, L., Jacobs, I., Tumiati, L. C., McDonald. M. A., Bar-Ziv, S. P., Fuks, A., Kawajiri, H., Lazarte, J., Ghashghai, A., Shogilev, D. J., Cherney, D. Z., & Rao, V. (2015). Longitudinal assessment of inflammation in recipients of continuous-flow left ventricular assist devices. Canadian Journal of Cardiology 31(3):348-356. 

Grosman-Rimon, L., McDonald. M. A., Jacobs, I., Tumiati, L. C., Pollock Bar-Ziv, S., Shogilev, D. J., Mociornita, A. G., Ghashghai, A., Chruscinski, A., Cherney, D. Z., & Rao, V. (2014). Markers of inflammation in recipients of continuous-flow left ventricular assist devices. American Society of Artificial Internal Organs Journal 60(6):657-663. 

Green, H., M. Burnett, I. Jacobs, D. Ranney, I. Smith, & S. Tupling. (2013). Adaptations in muscle metabolic regulation require only a small dose of aerobic-based exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology 113: 313-324.

Green, J. M. Burnett, S. Carter, I. Jacobs, D. Ranney, I. Smith, & S. Tupling. (2013). Role of exercise duration on metabolic adaptations in working muscle to short-term moderate-to-heavy aerobic-based cycle training. European Journal of Applied Physiology 113(8):1965-1978.

A full list of Dean Jacobs' publications can be found at Google Scholar

Graduate Students

I. Mandic
S. Farra
M. McLaughlin

Previous Graduate Student Thesis Topics

Pharmacokinetics and performance effects in humans of ingesting modafinil combined with caffeine.
Effects of alpha-lipoic acid dietary supplementation on skeletal muscle glycogen repletion rates.
Physiological Adaptations to Three Weeks of Combined Aerobic and Anaerobic Training. 
Skeletal Muscle Fatigue and +Gz Tolerance in Humans. 
Effects of Caffeine Combined With Ephedrine on Muscular Strength and Endurance.
Skeletal Muscle Substrate Availability and Temperature Regulation During Cold Water Immersion in Humans.
Creatine:  A Potential Ergogenic Aid


Professional Affiliations

National Academy of Kinesiology
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

American College of Sports Medicine

International Space Station Exercise Countermeasures Working Group

With regrets, Professor Jacobs will not be accepting any new graduate students in the 2015/16 academic year.