Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, balance, spatial awareness and coordination, helping to create a strong
foundation for future activity. Skills are taught based on the CANGYM program and focus on fun, fitness and fundamentals. Registration with Gymnastics Ontario is included in the fee.

Gymnastics Caregiver & Tot
Children will learn to run, jump, swing and explore physical activity while having fun. One caregiver per child is required. This class is for children 16 months to 3½ years of age.

Gymnastics Preschool 3 years
The dominant movement patterns of gymnastics (spring, swing, statics, landings, locomotion and rotations) are introduced. Parents cannot remain in the gym while programs are running. 

Gymnastics Preschool 4–5 years
The dominant movement patterns of gymnastics (spring, swing, statics, landings, locomotion and rotations) are introduced, along with somersaults, cartwheels and handstands. Parents cannot remain in the gym while programs are running.

Gymnastics Kids Boys 6 years+
Skill development in gymnastics continues using the CANGYM program. Participants are introduced to floor, vault, pommel horse, rings, high bar, parallel bars and trampoline.

Gymnastics Kids Girls 6 years

Skill development in gymnastics continues using the CANGYM program. Participants progress on floor, beam, uneven bars, trampoline and vault. 

Gymnastics Enhanced
This 10-month program offers girls 7 to 12 years of age the opportunity to spend extra time refining their gymnastics
skills. Participants should be at a minimum of Level 6 in the CANGYM program. This program focuses on strength and flexibility to increase gymnasts’ overall skill level. Athletes will be assessed to ensure they are in the proper level during the first class. If your child is not at the appropriate skill level they will be asked to leave the enhanced program. *An assessment will be held in August for those hoping to enter the program.

Gymnastics – Teens
Gymnastics Teens is for young women 12 years of age and older. This weekday program concentrates on the goals and interests of each individual with goal-setting and supportive coaching. No experience is needed. All levels welcome.

Super Tumblers*
This program is for children ages 4–6 who have been invited to join by their coaches. For more information, please speak with the in gym recreational supervisor or Barb Brophey. Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Competitive Program – Girls & Boys 5–18 years*
This program provides advanced training to children who have the skills, attitude and interest to thrive in a competitive program. The gymnasts in this program train two to four days a week, depending on their age and skill level. 

Private Instruction*
These are private lessons for children in gymnastics. Lessons must be arranged with Barb Brophey prior to purchase. Any lessons that are currently available have been designated for specific families. Please do not register in one of these programs before speaking to Barb Brophey. Lessons are scheduled in five or ten week sessions; no make-up classes or switching times is permitted. Times are limited.

Gymnastics – Coach in Training*
The Coach in Training program introduces young teens to the various aspects of coaching gymnastics, and prepares them for entry into the National Coaching Certification Program. The program has 10 hours of tutorials and 10 hours of assistant coaching in the gym.

*For more information on these programs, contact Barb Brophey at 416.978.7381 or