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The Council of Athletics and Recreation has jurisdiction over the co-curricular programs on the St. George campus as well as university-wide programs such as intramurals. (Athletics councils/committees at UTM and UTSC are responsible for athletics programs on their own campuses.) Composed of students, administrative staff, alumni and facility users, CAR is responsible for overall athletics and recreation policy, including: allocation of funds to program areas, staffing policy, and rental and fees policy. CAR is a Standing Committee of KPE Faculty Council.
For more information, please contact Khary Lumley, executive assistant to the assistant dean, co-curricular physical activity and sport, at 416.946.7878 or khary.lumley@utoronto.ca.
This year's CAR co-chairs are:

Leah Sherriff (Law)
Kimberly Chau (KPE) 
All positions are for a term of 2 years: May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2015.
Description of St. George Campus Student Constituency                   
The 10 student members will be elected on an "at‑large" basis, ensuring that there are five female members and five male members, and that:
a) a minimum of 2 seats are filled by full‑time Arts & Science students (1 female, 1 male);
b) a minimum of 2 seats are filled by full-time undergraduate students registered in the 
      professional faculties (1 female, 1 male);
c) a minimum of 1 seat is filled by a part‑time undergraduate student;
d) a minimum of 1 seat is filled by a student registered in the School of Graduate Studies;
e) 4 members elected on an "at large" basis, so that the total number of students to be elected is 5 females and 5 males.
In addition, one student member from each of UTM and UTSC are generated by their respective athletic associations.

Nomination Period and Deadline 
Nomination forms for St. George campus candidates are available from the main office, Athletic Centre; program office, Athletic Centre or the chief returning officer, Room 1060, Athletic Centre.  Nomination papers must be filed at any of these offices. Nominations received elsewhere or after that time will be invalid.  
For more details, click here. Questions? Contact Khary Lumley at 416.946.7878 or khary.lumley@utoronto.ca 
The following standing committees report to CAR:
Executive Committee – acts on important issues when it is impossible or impractical to schedule a full Council meeting.
Appeals – final level of appeal for a member(s) who is/are appealing the decision (usually either disciplinary or administrative) of a lower-level co-curricular committee within the Faculty. 
Budget – recommends the annual operating budget to CAR in the spring and also recommends policy concerning budget preparation and the long-term budget plan.
Constitution – reviews the CAR constitution, by-laws and rules of procedure, and recommends suggested revisions/updates.
Elections – oversees the CAR elections and acts as an appeal body if needed
Equity Issues (Joint with FC) – traditionally an active and innovative committee with a mandate to review Faculty policy and procedures in the general area of equity (programs, facilities, services, funding, etc) and make recommendations to both CAR and Faculty Council.
Hall of Fame – selects annual inductees to the U of T Sports Hall of Fame.
Membership – advises Council on a wide variety of issues relating to Athletic Centre memberships, for both student and other types of AC members.
Restricted Fund – see Faculty Council section
Sponsorship Committee (Joint with FC) – responsible for providing advice and oversight on all sponsorship matters, ensuring that KPE sponsorship policies are followed and that revenues are optimized.
WAA Trust Fund – meets periodically to consider requests for grants from the Trust Fund provided by the former Women’s Athletic Association.

CAR Election Guidelines 
CAR Nomination Form (Student)
CAR Nomination Form (Staff)